What is FTE?

A quick guide to the concept of FTE including how it works, who is this for, and what industries we cover.

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The Concept

FTE is a platform for professionals, students, apprentices, owner/operators, and companies from the industrial and technical industries to engage and interact with one another, based on the many, often complex challenges, applications, and fascinating topics their industries present.

How does it work?

FTE is a preference/interest based platform that provides innovative features, solutions, tools and insights for all, in the industrial and technical sectors, including:

  • Jobs
  • Technical content
  • Events
  • Latest technologies & products
  • Forum
  • White Papers
  • Articles
  • Roundtables
  • CRM
  • and more...

What do we offer?

When we began developing FTE, our core aim was to make it as user friendly and simple as we possibly could. From a quick an easy registration process as a professional, student, apprentice or a business, to customising your career or content preferences, to reaching the right people with a campaign, job post or webcast…

FTE offers a completely integrated system that allows everyone to maximise their experience and results on the platform.

Who are our users?

FTE, is geared towards connecting engineers, technicians, scientists, owners and operators, apprentices, students, and many other professionals within the technical and industrial sectors, with fellow professionals, as well as companies that can provide insight, and solutions to the day-to-day challenges they face across the many applications and sectors, that make up these industries.

Industries we cover

Process Engineering
Laboratory & Life Sciences